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Richard "CLASSIC SELECTION" tea assortment 40 sachets

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Richard "CLASSIC SELECTION" tea assortment 40 sachets

Richard "CLASSIC SELECTION" Tea Assortment - 40 Sachets

Discover the refined elegance and taste of English tradition with the Richard "CLASSIC SELECTION" tea assortment. Featuring a handpicked selection of 40 sachets, this gift set is a testament to the highest quality standards and a tribute to royal tea recipes. Here’s what makes the "CLASSIC SELECTION" an unparalleled choice for tea lovers:

Key Product Features:

  1. Introduction to Richard’s Finest: Ideal for those new to the brand, offering an easy and cost-effective way to explore various tea flavors.
  2. Versatile and Economical: Compact and reasonably priced, making it a perfect gift for any event or a delightful centerpiece for family tea gatherings.
  3. Signature Presentation: The assortment boasts a unique and sophisticated design, featuring premium wood textures, iconic in Richard’s signature blue, and adorned with classic eclectic fonts.
  4. Curated Tea Selection: Includes only the most beloved flavors by Richard - timeless black and green teas, refreshing mint, and soothing chamomile. These can be enjoyed on their own or creatively mixed for an exceptional tea experience.
  5. Masterful Blends: Each blend is crafted by esteemed tea masters, ensuring an exquisite taste and aroma that elevate your tea moments to a realm of luxury.

Product Description:

  • Brewing Instructions: To achieve the perfect cup, pour freshly boiled water over the teabag and allow it to steep for 2-4 minutes. And voilà, your regal tea experience awaits!
  • Ingredients: A selection of classic black and green teas, offering a rich and noble flavor profile that Richard is celebrated for.
  • Package Type: Elegantly housed in a cardboard package, ensuring quality and sustainability.
  • Product Structure: Each tea variety is individually packaged in sachets, maintaining freshness and convenience.
  • Type of Product: Individual sachet, designed for singular enjoyment or to share the rich taste of Richard tea with others.

Experience the new classic in English tea with Richard's "CLASSIC SELECTION" - a gift of unparalleled quality and taste that promises to make every tea moment truly special.

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