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Richard Classic Tea Selection assortment, 20 sachets

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Richard Classic Tea Selection assortment, 20 sachets

A collection of popular classic flavours of black tea RICHARD Classic Tea Selection in a convenient trial format.

An assortment of 5 flavours by 4 sachets will allow you to try all blends and find your favourite one without purchasing full-size packages.

The assortment includes:
the timeless classic English Breakfast,
excellent Ceylon,
rich Kenya,
impeccable Lord Grey and spicy King's Tea No. 1.


    Brewing instructions:

    Uncover the secret of royal taste: fill the bag with boiled water. Let the drink brew for 2-4 minutes, enjoying the aroma, and ... the tea is ready, Your Majesty!


    Individual intolerance to the ingredients included in the product


    • ROYAL ENGLISH BREAKFAST. Ingredients: Kenyan, Indian, Ceylon black tea.
    • ROYAL CEYLON. Ingredients: Ceylon long leaf black tea.
    • ROYAL KENYA. Ingredients: Kenyan long leaf black tea.
    • LORD GREY. Ingredients: Ceylon long leaf black tea, bergamot flavouring, lemon flavouring, citrus zest.
    • KING'S TEA No. 1. Ingredients:Ceylon, Kenyan, Tanzanian black tea, kaffir lime flavouring - English mint, mint, citrus peel.


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